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Be O.riginal in
five easy steps!

O.riginals: Design & Stationery specializes in creating personalized stationery and gifts, featuring illustrations customized to resemble the recipient. From selecting hair styles, colors, accessories, skin tones and attire, our products are o.riginal in every way and make terrific gifts for all occasions. Each customer designs his/her o.riginal creation, including folders, bags, phone cases, hair accessories and more.

Step 1: Choose Product

Choose the product(s) on which you would like your custom illustration to appear. We offer a variety of products, from school stationery (i.e. folders, binders) to phone cases.

Step 2: Choose Hair Style

Choose the hair style that most resembles the recipient. For girls, choose from long-loose, shoulder-length, short, curly, short pigtails or long pigtails. For boys, the hair options are straight or curly.

Step 3: Choose Hair Color

Choose the hair color that most resembles the recipient: black, dark brown, light brown, dirty blonde, blonde, platinum blonde, red or grey.

Step 4: Skin Tone

Choose the skin tone that most resembles the recipient: light or dark.

Step 5: Choose Attire

Choose the attire you would like your illustration to wear. Your o.riginal illustration can wear anything from jeans and a top, to a specific school's uniform.